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Beginning with a surge of imagination, positive energy and creativity, we proudly present the pinnacle of our efforts… Ju Ju Balls!  Our glass art Orb Ju Ju Balls begin as clear recycled glass. As the ball of molten hot glass is formed, the ball is rolled into color glass granules to provide the design. The granules infuse color to 40% - 60% of surface of the ball. This allows sunlight to illuminate the sphere and the strands inside the ball. Iridized effects provide a reflective luster on the surface of the ball, so that the sunlight can dance across the surface and the color.  The term “handmade” seems to have lost its definition in today’s retail world. Almost anything you see claims to be “handmade” but that usually isn’t the case. Our products are TRULY handmade. This means that each and every piece is individually crafted, blown and colored by hand. We have made them six inches in diameter, which is perfect; not too big and not too small (as a visual, about the size of a large grapefruit.) They are sealed, and they can be used outdoors if you so desire. In the case of being truly handmade product, please take into account that EACH piece is unique. Color patterns, color saturation, structure inside the ball, and bubbles all commingle, providing an art glass ball as special as its intended recipient.


Rose juju wtchball

Written by Barb on 28th Mar 2020

Love the color, the shape and the size. I blends perfectly with my hanging collection in my massage room.

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