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Spirit of Medusa Witch Balls

Medusa; "guardian, protectress". Zeus adorned his shield with the head of Medusa as a means of protection. Although his enemies may or may not have turned to stone, the beauty of the Medusa certainly made his opponent hesitate in a captive stare of wonderment thus giving Zeus the advantage in battle.  The image of Medusa was later used in Roman times to adorn gardens and doors, intended to guard the home from unwelcomed guests and mishaps. The Medusa Spirit Ball is our modern day interpretation in beautiful art glass. Random ribbons of glass rise from the pool of color in the bottom of the sphere. Bright vibrant glass colors are intended to catch the eye and stand out in space. You may find yourself captivated with a stare of stone as you gaze inside the sphere and wonder: "How did they make that"?