Friendship Balls

Friendship Balls are also know as Kugels or Gazing Balls.

All of our Friendship Balls are made with a glass loop at the top for hanging with a wire or ribbon.

Not all Friendship Balls are round. Many are orb, bell, or diamond shaped. Most are made with colored glass, however some are hand decorated with special glass paints that are permanently baked on. Available in any color, or design imaginable, they range in size from 2 inches through 12 inches.

These beautiful hand blown glass window ornaments are traditionally known as symbols of friendship.  They sparkle in the light the way a good friend brings sparkle to your life.  The colors swirl and mingle across the surface of the ball enhancing each other just as the talents and varied personalities of your friends bring color to your life.  These balls have intriguing ripples and ridges making them a delight to touch as well as behold.