Bon JuJu - Art Glass Witch Balls

Bon JuJu...Meaning good will, luck or a positive sentiment of well wishing and fortune. 

Good fortune; Bon JuJu; Dobry JuJu or Buona JuJu. No matter how it is spoken or where you are from, it has always been highly sought after. Everyone wants a bit of Bon JuJu. Talismans and charms have been made for millennia to either bestow good juju or to ward off bad juju. What is sometimes overlooked is that juju is karmaic in nature. The Universe sees that good deeds produce positive juju and that bad deeds are reciprocated with bad juju. The world is in need of some Bon JuJu. This is where we come in.

Our art glass begins with the birth of an idea...a spark of imagination and creativity. Colors are meticulously chosen and combined in order to add enchantment and meaning. When ready to be created, molten glass is molded and formed to produce physically what we see so clearly in our minds. The culmination of this process is the creation our unique, breathtaking art glass. Since all of our positive energy goes in to making our unique products, each piece has a bit of Bon JuJu infused within its being. So when given, to yourself or to another, Bon JuJu is bestowed.

Of course, bad juju is known to be a bit mischievous and sneaky. That’s where our witch balls can help. Even though all of our glass products are naturally infused with Bon JuJu, this design also has threads of glass on the inside in order to catch any residual negative juju that may be lurking. Designed with bright colors in order to attract bad juju , curiosity gets the best of it and it is ultimately stuck in the strands, deemed forever harmless.

 From friendship balls to witch balls and everything in between, let our Bon JuJu not only give a positive boost to your energies, but also bestow a truly unique piece of art into your home or garden. 

About Colors

Aqua- Need a bit of recharging? Aqua colors gently foster peace, serenity and calm. Promoting emotional healing energies, it can bring the release of guilt and alleviate feelings of loneliness. Need some help making a decision or to concentrate effectively? Surround yourself with Aqua. Since Aqua is a type of Blue, it is wonderful for the signs of Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces and Libra and is also know to channel Saturanlian and Mercurial energies. There are many varieties of Aqua that we us, including the colors of Copper Blue, Turquoise and Aquamarine. 

Amber- Organic in nature, the color of amber can help with promote a sense of well being. This color is wonderful for the winter months, as it is known to extend a sense of warmth and security indoors.  Need a boost for your disposition? Amber can also help with that, helping someone to a path of recovery after illness and also can help cleanse any built up karmaic debris. Being a version of Yellow, it is perfect for the signs of Leo, Cancer, Sagittarius and Pisces and is able to channel lunar energies. Amber as a glass color works incredibly well in our designs, as you can see in our “Bronze”, “Amber Optic Twist” and “Amber Iridized” designs.  

Black- Typically, this color has a negative reputation of representing death; however, this is not always the case. In need of cleansing yourself or home from negative energy (bad ju ju)? Black is famously known to absorb the negative and can help protect ones emotions. Giving an air of mystery, sophistication and power, black can also be a source of comfort. Saturn is linked with black, so it can convey Saturnalian energies and is a match for the signs of Scorpio and Gemini. The color is beautifully represented in the designs we call “Ravens Plume” and also in the combination designs of “Superstition”, “Yin Yang” Medusa and the always breathtaking “Krakatoa”.  

Green- The obvious meaning of the color green is a love of nature, as it represents the spring season. It is the color of youth and rebirth. However, it can also promote harmony, the making of peace and also help bring abundance of financial gains. Green is associated with the planetary energies of Venus and is linked with the signs of Virgo, Taurus, Libra and Gemini. Our colored green glass comes in so many variations; we most likely don’t have enough room to list them all. However, some examples are “Luna Pine Tree Green”, our Emerald small witch ball and Aventurine green, as seen in our “Crescent Meadow” design.  

Grey- Neutral in nature, grey is neither positively nor negatively charged. Representing maturity, responsibility and also provides stability as a base in order to let the positive energy flow and let the new in. It is also associated with Mercurial energies and the sign of Capricorn. Grey is best used as a transparent color and works wonderfully with the designs of “Ancient Olive”, “Iridescent Grey”, “Savannah” and “Black Ice” Medusa designs.  

Lavender- Of course, we all know that the scent of lavender can bring stress relief and relaxation, but so can the color. It is well known to purify, help along spiritual healing, and promote tranquility and dignity. However it can also help release those pesky positive energy blockages. Since Lavender is a toned form of purple, it is associated with Jupiter and the signs of Cancer, Sagittarius and Aquarius. Lavender usually works well in an opaque form and can best be seen in our three inch Lavender friendship ball, but is also used in combinations such as our “Empress” design.  

Olive- Although not a color that first comes to mind, olive is an absolutely fascinating color. Conceptually, we think of the “Dove carrying an olive branch” as a sign of peace and new life, but he color can also promote wisdom, feminine leadership and a bridge between the heart and will. Since olive is a cousin of green, it is also associated with the energies of Venus and the signs of Virgo, Taurus, Libra and Gemini. It is best represented in our “Camouflage” friendship ball and in other various designs.  

Orange – As bright in meaning as it is in color, orange is well known to amplify warmth, aid social communication, boost optimism and happiness. It is also therapeutic when dealing with grief.  Need an emotional boost? Bring in the orange! Of course, orange is associated with solar energies and the signs of Gemini, Leo and Sagittarius. Orange is best as both opaque or transparent and this is well seen in our orange small witch ball, our “Sun” design in both friendship ball and witch ball and also in our medusa design “Orange and Opal orange”.  

Pink – Of course, Pink is the well known color for any female. It is also the toned down version of red, (possessing reds quality but in a milder form). In conjunction with that, pink can promote affection and never ending love. However, it can also relay intuition and can help tone down emotional energies. It is known to channel Mercurial energies. Its associated signs are Taurus, Gemini and Virgo. Our best seller, the “Tea Rose” design, combines pink and a rose red. However Pink is wildly popular, so we integrated it into our “Red Myrtle”, “Seychelles” and “Portoroz” designs.  

White – The color of purity. White is the most comprehensive and complete color, considering that it is an equal balance of all colors.  With that being said, the color white can cleanse, protect and awaken new beginnings. White is easily associated with lunar energies and the signs of Cancer and Taurus. We fell in love with the moon glow white, which is seen in our “White Twist Iridized”, but is also used in combinations, such as our “Ghost Gum” and “Yin Yang” Medusa present.  

Yellow – When thinking of yellow, illumination almost automatically comes to mind. Why not! In ancient times, yellow was thought to be the closest color to pure light. Being an uplifting color, yellow can help illuminate your mind and intellect. It can help with original thought, help clarify it and also awaken your confidence. This can also be associated with lunar energies and also the signs of Leo, Cancer, Sagittarius and Pisces. From lemon yellow to gold green, to our “Ectoplasm” design, if you want yellow, we have it.

Purple – The color of royalty. Highly sought after and seen as a color for the spiritually awakened, purple is also incredibly well known as an enlightened color. Incredibly mystic in nature, it can uplift, calm a busy mind and nerves and also helps awaken our third eye. Purple represents the planet Jupiter’s energies and goes hand in hand with the signs of Cancer, Sagittarius and Aquarius. Our representation of purple can vary from hyacinth to heliotrope, as seen in our “Violet” Spirit Tree and heliotrope witch ball; however the combinations don’t stop there. 

Blue – (Including Light Blue and Cobalt Blue) - Blue is recognized to represent honesty, trust and responsibility. It is also possible that blue can help aid in mental and physical relaxation. Considering how busy our lives are…who couldn’t use a bit of that.  It can also foster communication through your voice. Actually, blue was considered in ancient times to be closest to black and was sometimes given qualities close to the color of black. With that said, Blue can be related with Mercurial or Saturnalian energies and the signs of Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces and Libra. We use blue in a number of ways and in many combinations. With the Spirit Tree “Aspen”, to our Cobalt Blue Iridized friendship ball, and literally every hue in-between, there is no chance you can’t find a blue that works for you.   

Earthtones – Earthy tones represent the energies that our earth naturally provides; warmth, safety, welcoming and protective energies. Being sturdy, as is our planet, it can help give us a bit of stability in the chaos of everyday life. The tones of nature channel the Earth’s energies and are a wonderful pair for the signs of Taurus and Capricorn.  This color is best represented in our “Earth Tones” Witch ball and friendship ball, but is also included in the designs of “Island Palm” and “Cimarron”. 

Red – Red is an AMAZING color! Completely extreme in nature, it represents the obvious – passion, seduction, and instinctual love. However, red can also help with adventurous attitudes and help bring that always needed flame to life our physical life force.  It is associated with the planet Mars and its fiery energies and compliments the signs of Aries and Scorpio. Red is EVERYWHERE in our art glass. However it is an incredibly hard color to work with and is also incredibly expensive, as it is no longer possible to buy the gold, a base in red color. With the “Lipsticks” witch ball to garnet red and literally every red you can imagine, check out our Red section to see all that we can offer. 

Gold – For ages, gold has been sought after for its price and representation of wealth and status. No wonder. It is one of the most valuable metals our Mother Earth provides us. However, the color gold can promote triumph, abundance in any area of our lives, foster enlightenment and also can stimulate extravagance. Being a version of Yellow, it is perfect for the signs of Leo, Cancer, Sagittarius and Pisces and is able to channel lunar energies. This color is best used in a transparent state, as seen in our “Aqua/Gold” witch ball, but is also used in combinations such as “Wheatland”, “Oasis”, and our “Dark Red, Orange and Gold” designs.