Flying Pig "Ricky Chet"

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  • Flying Pig "Ricky Chet"
  • Flying Pig "Ricky Chet"
  • Flying Pig "Ricky Chet"


Each Flying Pig is individually handcrafted and is unique. Hand blown glass in beautiful bright colors enhanced with an iridized surface finish. The size of the sculpture is approximately 8" Long x 8" x 7"
On each Pig we have added a fixture nut on the bottom to set our flying friend into the garden on top of a stout garden stake. Rust resistant stake is included.
"Ricky Chet" is mixed colors of sari blue and purple.

Once there was a beautiful butterfly gliding along, Enjoying the sweet flowers and humming a song. Spring was here and everything was in bloom, As she enjoyed the first time being out of her cocoon. Her wings stretched, catching the air, Finally able to flutter without a care. From flower to flower she danced, Unknowing that nearby there was a baby piglet that she had entranced. The baby piglet watched and watched the beautiful butterfly from his pen fence, Wondering what it was like to flutter, soar, hum and dance. He jumped and jumped, but no matter what, He always landed, with a loud thud, on his piglet butt. The piglet let out a whimper and down his cheek ran a tear, And by this time the butterfly had come near. She heard his sobs and his snorts, So she decided to see why he was so out of sorts. The butterfly made her way, dancing about, And landed on the little piglet’s snout. “Dear Piglet why such a sad face?” “Spring is here, the skies are blue and flowers are in bloom all over the place.” “I’m sad”, said the piglet, “because I am stuck here on the ground”, “As I watch you fly, so effortlessly, all around.” “I’ve tried and tried ever so hard”, “To jump high, so I too can fly around this barnyard.” “I want to sniff the flowers and feel the air”, “And fly around without a care.” “But no matter how high I jump”, “I don’t ever fly. I just end up hitting the ground ,hard, on my rump.” “Now my rump hurts and I want to cry”, “As I fear I won’t ever soar in the sky.” The butterfly kindly replied, “Oh darling little piglet, don’t your fret”, “Your dream of wanting to fly isn’t over quite yet.” The piglet sat and wiped away the tear, As the butterfly gave him a kiss on the snout, whispering, “Little piglet, don’t you fear.” As she flew away, she hatched a plan. “Maybe the garden fairy can help me, she thought, “in fact, I KNOW she can!.” And after making a pot of daffodil tea, The butterfly set off, to make a visit to the garden fairy. With soft words exchanged on the petal of a flower, The butterfly convinced the garden fairy to help the piglet with her power. As the piglet snoozed later that night, The garden fairy appeared, gliding across the moonlight. With a wave of her wand, it was done, The results to be seen in the morning sun. When the piglet awoke with a stretch and a yawn, He felt like something was different on this dawn. As he stood up to read the sky and see the weather, To his surprise, on the ground beside him, landed a feather. He became curious, and when he glanced back, The darling little piglet almost had a heart attack. On his back, sat a pair of beautiful wings, He laughed and giggled, and thought “Well of all the things!” “I hoped and dreamed to be able to fly”, “NOW I CAN! Let’s give these a try!” He ran outside snorting and squealing with joy, With the excitement of a child, with a brand new toy. He climbed to the top of the fence, jumped and closed his eyes tight, And when he opened them, alas, he was in full flight! He grinned from ear to ear, giggling away, As he flew over the barnyard and bales of hay. He could smell the flowers and feel the air, And just like the butterfly, he soared, without a care. As the piglet enjoyed his first flight, The butterfly and garden fairy watched from the soft dawn’s light. They laughed and smiled at a job done well, “Look at him fly”, the butterfly said. “He’s doing swell!” “I guess with a bit of hope and fairy dust, dreams can come true!” The garden fairy giggled and replied “Why yes, yes they do.”

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    Flying Pig

    Posted by Zelda Saxton on 29th Jul 2020

    This was an impulse buy when I ordered my gazing ball. So glad I purchased Prince! He looks Fabulous in my side garden

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